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Finding the right image without the hassle of searching through thousands of images is important to our users, so we have come up with a few search tips to help you quickly identify the perfect image for your project.

Using Keywords

You can refine your search by using AND, OR and NOT to define your results.


>Use OR for more variations in your results

>Use AND between words to ensure all of your specific search terms are shown in your results – search: offices AND homes

>Use NOT to eliminate certain results - search: Cats NOT Tigers

>Use _ to search for a phrase or find an exact match e.g. Red_flowers

Image Keywords

Using as many key terms as possible is important in finding the best results. Each image has a collection of keywords which are helpful in giving you ideas of other keywords to search for.

>Open an image by clicking on it,

>Scan through its keywords,

>Select or use the keywords to help you find other similar images.

Search by Themes

Our arranged themes are great for inspiring and stirring ideas. You can find themed galleries & categories listed on the homepage.

Search by Age, Popularity and Relevance

Our advanced search option gives you more ways to filter your content. You will find this advance search option below the search box.

>Use the POPULARITY tab to view the most downloaded images within your search

>The AGE tab displays search results chronologically, starting with our most recent uploads

>Search by RELEVANCE. This feature uses an algarithm which associates keywords to return the most relevant matches to your search term.

Saving your results

Click on the lightbulb icon located below the image to save it to your lightbox. Our lightbox feature is a handy way to organise all your favourite picture - you can add as many images as you like to a light box. *Access your lightbox from the top right of the page.

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